A Private Sale of # 2720 + 22 + 24 + 26 + 28 on Trans Hyw. # BC-3, (Beautiful Heart of The Kootenays) Erickson via Creston, BC Canada
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Grandiose Marijuana Enterprise Location 

Presents Exclusive Subject Property Called 


Published 01,10,2018

2018  Bidding  Starts  Today :  $1,000,000.  Canadian  and/or  Bitcoin   Cash   Share  Exchange

This Special Kind of  “Subject Property”  is For Sale By Owner

Title Notice :  “The Subject Property” currently has two land zone lots upon 3.11 acre parcel.

Front 1/3 of subject property is zoned as Highway Commercial Building Expansion Area Land.

Rear  2/3 of subject property is zoned as Rural Residential Build + Organic Farming Area Possibilities.

If You did not already know, Canada is a totally secretive exotic land.  Canada is huge and spans 6,204,186 square miles and happens to also house the  biggest coin in the world  and incredible, but true :  in 2007  the Royal Canadian Mint  produced the  world’s first million dollar coin.
The 100 kg, 99999 pure gold bullion coin with a $1 million dollar face value.

Mr. Justin Trudeau  ( born December 25, 1971  age 46 )  is Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister.

He also proudly serves as Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of Youth.

Canada’s medical marijuana market is setting the biggest  stage to explode globally. 

Huffington  News  December 20, 2017  –  Click  below for Website Link Information :

*Federal Ramps Up Cannabis Licencing Ahead Of Legalization*

When the federal government announced it would be legalizing marijuana / pot for July 1, 2018, is scheduled to be finally legalized under canadian federal legislation.  BC is the  #1  pot producer … From west to east, Canada has ten provinces – British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  recently said ;  ….”the minimum age would be 19 and that people would be able to buy legal pot in private and public stores.”

Worldwide legal sales will reach US$7.7 billion this year, of which US$7 billion will be in the U.S. and about US$600 million in Canada.  Tweed Inc. set up shop 4 years ago in an abandoned  Hershey Co.  chocolate factory. The company, since renamed   Canopy Growth Corp.,   has become the world’s largest publicly traded cannabis producer and is the town’s largest private-sector employer.  Today, the firm has 360 employees — a well-educated workforce that runs the administration, research, growing operations, packaging and shipping from the facility that still has signage and other remnants of its chocolate past. Construction crews hammer away on the next expansion. The parking lot is packed with She’ll be back action.

ELITEST Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.,    known professionally as   Snoop Dogg ,   is a USAmerican rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, television personality, and actor has controlling interests and a tremendous stock share Holder in the fast expanding Canadian   Canopy Growth Corporation.

Confidently   Click   Here   For   Stock   Link :   TSX    Exchange   –   WEED    (real time price)

Canopy  has since become one of the darlings of the Canada’s benchmark stock exchange. It’s the S&P/TSX Composite Index’s   best performer  in 2017   with returns of more than 250 percent as of Friday, December 29th at noon in Toronto, and is up 40 percent in the past week alone with cannabis stocks surging ahead of legalization.

Canadian growers are already able to sell cannabis for medical use at home and the federal government plans to legalize recreational use by summer of 2018.  Canadians are already spending almost as much on marijuana as wine.

North America’s Future Big Marijuana Growth is now Accelerating and if you’ve ever just wanted to pick up the phone and call Country Canada, you surely can totally do that at :

1 –  800 – o – CANADA.  ( do not ask for me because I don’t work there yet – hohaha! )

“Now think big about investing in it … If it’s federally legal we are probably already there, and if it’s becoming federally recreational legal in July 2018, we’re probably already working with the feds and Canadian producers are pushing really hard to take that  first-mover advantage  in the world’s international distribution market.”

Able Athlete  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s  Classified Citizen’s Agenda :   “He Shoots, He Scores and He Leader Wins the 1st. Gargantuan  POT  of Gold Tax Collection Decision Directs their Leading Government’s Party to a further jolly successful world boom ahead”.

OTTAWA — Health  Canada
YEAR   2017   TRUE   FACTS :
has nearly doubled the number of licensed cannabis producers in the country over the past six months and new numbers show hundreds more applicants are in the final stages of approval as the government rushes toward national marijuana legalization by July 2018.

 People from all over the world are trying to make it to Canada. Immigrants from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe,  South America, and the USA can be found all throughout the country.  Also, unlike other countries that share a border, Canada and the United States have the largest demilitarized border in the entire world, plus also super close to thou … subject property for sale by owner“.


Local   News   From   December  2017  –   Click    below for Website Link Information :

New Opening   –   Cultivating Wellness Medical “THC & CBD” Dispensary Company in Erickson BC *


🙂  Development of   “The Subject Property”  could bring a  new Licensed Marijuana Company to this hill side which absolutely yields the total most amount of sunlight from the vast valley providing the greatest location for an expansion indoor full season solar grow-med-weed business operations  🙂


2018 Bidding Starts Today :  $1,000,000.  Canadian  and/or  Bitcoin  Cash  Share  Exchange

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Creston’s territory property video most beautiful valley in all of B C Canada.

Click Drive BC – Creston Highway #3 Web Cam

Elevation :  586 Meters   /    1923  Feet






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–  Canadians spent C$5.7 billion on cannabis in 2017: Statistics Canada

–  Canada Sold $1.2 Billion Of Weed To The World Last Year,  StatCan







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