Wilderness Island Home or Lodge

Wilderness Island Home or Lodge
Kalgin Island, Alaska, USA
Oceanfront Acreage $650,000.0 USD or Bitcoin - Acreage with home
RH-15592-property 215000 Sq Ft 4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms

Check web site www.RockIslandLodge.com for details or click these links:

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Note: I am only selling this one property.  I have just lowered the price and am serious about selling it this year. I do not want solicitations from realtors. I am not interested in working for you or inheriting money from your rich relative in Nigeria or Syria.  These emails and other scams will be reported to Google spam tracking.

Additional Details

  • Home area: 2300 square feet + 2 balconies
  • Fully furnished: anything you don't want can be removed.
  • Land area : 5 acres, includes a campground.
  • Pacific Ocean frontage : 250 feet, house 100 feet from the beach.
  • Adjoining property: All state owned preservation habitat. No private property allowed. This property is grandfathered in. You will never have neighbors.
  • 2 lakes for ice skating: located behind the property
  • Roads, towns, stores: none
  • Power: 24x7 reliable Solar power with diesel backup. All controllled by AI program. No user intervention, No maintenance.
  • Water: private well, unlimited clean fresh cold water
  • Hot water : propane on-demand water heater
  • Sewar: on site septic tank, no maintenance
  • Space heating: Efficient wood fired stove, unlimited wood supply
  • Island access : year round by private plane, summy by boat
  • Taxes and Insurance : $2,000 / year
  • :
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Submitted by Philip St. John



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