Virtual Real Estate

It’s true, everything we’re used to doing has changed. Grocery shopping is different. Buying clothes and home items is more popular online. Also working remotely is a change for many, as well as many services are becoming more virtual. The same is true for the real estate process. In fact, many people are now purchasing homes without ever seeing them in person.
Virtual real estate buying on Bitcoin Real Estate can be done from anywhere. Whether your at home, sitting on a beach or at the office, you can view properties world wide from owners that are willing to accept cryptocurrency for the sale or rental of their property. We are not referring to the purchase of digital land or digital property, we are referring to the practice of buying a physical property anywhere in the world, online.

Virtual Real Estate on Bitcoin-Realestate Thailand Luxury Villas

The entire process of buying real estate can now be done remotely by both sellers and buyers. A virtual closing, is just like any normal closing day, most of the aspects of the process are done virtually. With a virtual closing, all parties can complete all or most of the same tasks from the comfort & convenience of their own home or office using a computer.
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