A Private Sale of # 2720 + 22 + 24 + 26 + 28 on Trans Hyw. # BC-3, (Beautiful Heart of The Kootenays) Erickson via Creston, BC Canada
Development Property $1.0 ,000,000 Motivated Seller has Commercial Building Lot - Acreage with home
RH-9685-property 3.11 Agriculture + Commercial Building Area Duplex Home 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Garages

 Enterprise Location 

Presents Exclusive Subject Property Called 


Published on  June 2018

2018  Bidding  Starts  Today :  $1,000,000.  Canadian  and/or  Bitcoin   Cash   Share  Exchange

This “Subject Property”  is For Sale By Owner

Title Notice :  “The Subject Property” currently has two land zone lots upon 3.11 acre parcel.

Front 1/3 of subject property is zoned as Highway Commercial Building Expansion Area Land.

Rear  2/3 of subject property is zoned as Rural Residential Build + Organic Farming Area Possibilities.

If You did not already know, Canada is a totally secretive exotic land.  Canada is huge and spans 6,204,186 square miles.

People from all over the world are trying to make it to Canada. Immigrants from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe,  South America, and the USA can be found all throughout the country.  Also, unlike other countries that share a border, Canada and the United States have the largest demilitarized border in the entire world, plus also super close to the subject property for sale by owner“.


2018 Bidding Starts at:  $1,000,000.  Canadian  and/or  Bitcoin  Cash  Share  Exchange



Creston’s territory property video most beautiful valley in Canada.

Click Drive BC – Creston Highway #3 Web Cam

Elevation :  586 Meters   /    1923  Feet





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  • I will provide You a Clear and Clean Subject Property Title fast as possible for a secure invest deposit for your: $1,000,000 CDN and/or BITCOINS buy
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