FOR SALE 20ha of Land on Lake Birzkalnu

FOR SALE 20ha of Land on Lake Birzkalnu
Aglona Parish, LV-5304, Latvia
Acreage for sale $200,000.0 or in BTC/ETH - Acreage
RH-11841-property 20 hectares

For sale 20 hectares on Lake Birzkalnu. The coastline is 320 m2. Sandy beach, good road. The plot of land is located between three large lakes, there is an approach to Lake Birzkalnu, which is connected by a wide river with Lake Rusonu. In the lakes there are a lot of fish (eel and pikeperch). Up to the Lake Rushon 200 m2, to the deep Yildz Lake and the manor estate -300 m2. A power line passes through the plot of land. The plot of land can be easily divided into two sections of 10 hectares.



Place: “Grozini”, Kraslavas area, Katulina county, Latvia

Price:  7 500 EUR per 1  ha or 150 000 EUR per 20 ha

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