Costa Rican Rainforest Oasis

Costa Rican Rainforest Oasis
Dominical, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Oceanfront Acreage $799,999.0 US Dollars or BTC - Acreage with home
RH-7735-property 4000 Sq Ft 4 Bedrooms 2.5 Bathrooms

If you like to eves drop on your neighbor’s breakfast conversation, then this place is not for you.
If you like your neighbors eves dropping on YOUR breakfast conversations, then this place is not for you.
If you like the noise of the trucks rumbling by your house at all hours of the night and day, then this place is not for you.
If you like strangers from the highway stopping in for directions…or worse…then this place is not for you.
If you do not like sharing your backyard with the likes of toucans, monkeys, sloths and wild turkeys…then this place is not for you.

If you want a private and secure oasis in the rainforest with a great ocean view, but yet only just a mile from the highway…this place IS for you.”
If you want a true turnkey property this property IS for you.

When you think of houses in Costa Rica, your first mental image may be a grass shack, a thatch roof with screenless and glassless windows where the snakes crawl in and the snakes crawl out.  And your image is right in many cases.  And those houses are for sale every day.  But, this is NOT one of those houses.  There is another tier of houses built by and for people who want to experience the natural beauty of Costa Rica without giving up the comfort, security and amenities you have become accustomed to.  And houses in that class are much more difficult to find.  But this house is one of those.

The pictures give you a good idea of the quality of design and finish of the house.  But, they cannot capture the privacy and security of this property.  You cannot see this house from any road or any spot anywhere else.  Actually, when traveling the 1.2 miles (2 km) from the highway, you never see the house until you are 50 feet away from the front door.  If you need a private retreat or hideaway, you won’t find one anywhere better.  No one will find you unless you bring them here.  And the road is winding and curvy enough that it will discourage unwelcome visitors long before they ever get close.  Now, that is a true luxury. But, as discouraging as that road can be for some, it is also a luxury.  It winds itself up over 600 feet along the side of a mountain with incredible views of the blue Pacific all the way up.  Make sure to have your camera ready when you come to visit this house.  It may be a little rough and bumpy.  But, it’s worth it

This property is not small by any means.  It measures almost 10 acres.  But the most wonderful thing about those 10 acres is that all of it, excepting the small plateau at the highest point of the property where the house is situated, is all sloping mountainside.  So, you don’t have to do any caretaking of it.  Mother Nature does it all.   It is the most wonderful natural insulation from what some may consider as the “real world.”  When actually, the ten acres is the “REAL world.”  It contains natural trails and paths so you can explore the terrain and the trees and birds and animals.  It contains a semi-groomed trail down to a waterfall right at the edge of the property.  And if ten acres of insulation is not enough for you, all of the space between the edge of this property down to the ocean, is in a permanent reserve so there will never be a building constructed to obstruct your personal ocean view.

You may ask why anyone would sell this piece of paradise.  We don’t like to think of it as selling.  We think of it as trading this piece of paradise for another.  Our next adventure is taking us to New Zealand.  Because of the distance, we would leave everything for you.  The furniture, the towels and the view.  The tableware, the Fiestaware, even the Kitchenaid mixer.   And we entrust to you our furry and feathered neighbors that share this forest with us.  We also leave you with the local responsibility of venturing down to the beach in Dominical at least once a week to experience the most incredible ocean sunset you have ever seen.  So, come visit our house…at least to see the Dominical sunset.




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