Costa Rica 2.5 acre eco farm 3br house, spring, fruit trees

Costa Rica 2.5 acre eco farm 3br house, spring, fruit trees
San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica
For Sale Farm $77,000.0 or Bitcoin - Acreage, Farm, House

Tropical Costa Rica Mountain Farm For Sale $77,000 or equivalent in colones, Bitcoin or best reasonable cash offer.

Finca Fogón in Costa Rica

Finca Fogon is a 1 Hectare (2.5 acre) clear title farm property with a tico house that has incredible views, it’s own spring water, fruit trees and the perfect year round spring weather on fertile land with lots of mature fruit trees. Altitude is about 1050 meters (3500ft) which gives you the perfect temperature year round at about 65-75F.

Property has 1 additional building site that would allow someone to live in the tico house while a more modern house is being build. Keep the old house for guests or workers. The current old house and empty lot both have independent entrances allowing you to easily split and sell have of the rectangular lot nicely if you wanted.

Officially 1 hectare, the property is about 10 miles and 30 minutes from the 3rd largest city in Costa Rica called San Isidro de General. The last 4-5 miles of road is a rocked road that is is passable most of the year by even 2 wheel drive cars.

Property Features

Rectangular lot with about 300-400 meters along the roadside
The lot slopes down slightly from the road with valley views of the town San Isidro below where you can even pick out the tall steeple church in the distance
Property faces generally faces east so you have nice sunrise views as well as view of Mount Chirripo in the distance, the highest mountain top in Costa Rica
Very fertile soil with lots of trees growing and nice large section for larger crops
We have grown large crops of sweet potatoes, corn, beans and have had a large coffee nursery.
Small swales dug on contour for growing as well as some for drainage
The property is roughly made up of
1/4 old forest
1/4 banana and plantain plantation and other fruit trees
1/4 house area with workshop and chicken house
1/4 cleared land used for periodic gardens, large planting area and possible new house site. (About 300 plantain plants have just been planted in this part of this area. They produce for about 2 years)

Spring Water
Though the property has town managed mountain spring water, a year round spring in the center of the property is about 50 meters from the house. The spring has a cement wall enclosure but needs a new top. A previous owner pumped this spring water up to holding tank for use in the house. It even has water in the catchment box during the driest part of dry season with a nice trickle of water running out. It’s possible to setup a pump that uses falling water pressure to pump spring water back to house or use it to fill a small pond on the lower part of the property.


One of the greatest features of this property is that there are already so many producing mature fruit trees
Estimating the trees would give you about:
200-300 export quality banana plants plus several other varieties of bananas producing now.
300 plantain plants recently planted
4-6 mature producing guanbana trees
4-8 mature producing mango trees
1 Heart of palm pejebaye clump of trees
6-10 citris trees including sweet oranges and native oranges and lemons
native passion fruit
papaya, guava, guayaba, etc.
several other various fruit trees, some coffee, 1 coconut and other useful plants.
Produces yearly harvests of beans and corn.

Structures and facilities

1-3 bedroom old rustic tico house needs some work but we have a tico working living it in now that is gradually making even more improvements.
Initially 3 small bedrooms but wall removed created now one large bedroom.
Partial cement slab with mostly wooden wall and some wooden floor construction.
Metal roof
1 bath, Large living room kitchen area.
Additional dining which was old kitchen area
Large laundry wash area on cement slab with 3 walls and one side open.

Electricity: is hooked up and working.
Water: is metered public water supplied by small town and comes from higher up mountain springs. Water bill runs about $4-$6 per month or about 2500 colones. Put a small pump on the natural spring catchment and be water independent.

A short rocked driveway provides off road parking.

A open air workshop with half walls and wooden floor and metal roofing

Chicken Coop
Large lockable screened in chicken house attached to workshop
metal roofing


Costa Rica Corporation/S.A. was created exclusively for owning this property and is the legal owner with clear title and registered in the national Costa Rica registry.
The corporation owned and controlled by one individual.
upon sale, the corporation can be transferred to the new owner possibly saving taxes on the property sale or the new owner can title the property in his/her own name or in the name of a new corporation.

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