By: Alyssa Hertig

This past year, key developments on the Lightning protocol have been making Bitcoin a better payment system.

Attention in Bitcoin in 2021 has been glued to El Salvador making history as the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender and bitcoin’s chronically fluctuating price. But behind the scenes, plenty of game-changing work is being done as well, such as developers working diligently to make Bitcoin a better payment system.

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, which boosts Bitcoin payment’s speed and allows many, many more users the opportunity to send Bitcoin payments, is giving Bitcoin at least an inkling of a shot at mass adoption. And in 2021, as in every other year since the white paper was released in 2015, Lightning Network developers have been tinkering to make the technology more usable for more people.

With the help of this background grind, the network is swelling in use. The Lightning Network reeled in a record amount of bitcoin being used on the network. Twitter is even testing the technology to allow its users to send bitcoin tips to each other.

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