40543 Courtland Farm Ln, Aldie, VA 20105, USA
$15,000,000.0 in US Dollars or Bitcoin 
RH-17689-property 100 ACRES 7 Bedrooms 10 Bathrooms

Courtland Farm has been designed to create a space for families and the community to interact with nature. Courtland Farm is breathtakingly beautiful and hosts a wide variety of ecosystems across its vast 100 acres. The property includes a stream (Little River), pasture, forestland, and lowland floodplain.

Courtland consists of a diverse collection of ecosystems and habitats. At the top of the property is the manor house and an upper woodland of hickory, oak, and mature beech trees. Natural springs begin to form below the manor house in two locations which feed into Little River below.

Originally built in 1936, the historic Courtland Manor was part of a subdivided equestrian farm. Courtland is now a private estate, a farm, an educational center, a demonstration site, a community center, community garden, a nature park, a campsite, a host site for meetings and weekend retreats, a location for summer school, youth/elderly fieldtrips, scouts, educational workshops and seminars, and more.

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