Private Bay Estates

Private Bay Estates
Oceanview Rd, French Road, NS, Canada
Acreage for sale $109 - Acreage

Just 30 minutes from the second largest city in Nova Scotia, Sydney, with all amenities (airport, port, concert hall, casino, shopping malls, hospitals, university, etc.), the property is almost two kilometers from a thoroughfare. On the other hand, a public road leads as a dead end directly to the quiet property. So you do not need a seaplane, nor do you have to fear loneliness, because a development with a few houses is only a few hundred meters away, so that the little chat with the “neighbors” always possible. Of course, electricity and telephone is already on the property, so you can immediately build your dream property according to your wishes.

A large almost circular bay with its natural harbor was the namesake for this unique retreat. The bay is framed by two peninsulas, which offer beautiful elevated construction sites.

If you want, you can take your home away from the views of other oceanfront residents and even enjoy the panoramic views of Crownland. Canada does not sell any Crownland and does not release it to third parties for development, so you will have an unobstructed view for ever.

The slightly hilly landscape is located between the freshwater lake, which offers space for surfers and dinghy sailors as well as motorboat riders, and the beach on the open sea, which can be reached in a few kilometers, for example with a quad even without traffic.

Some real estate buyers have the problem of finding a suitable building site on their land. As the new owner of the Private Bay Estate, you have a very different problem: the nearly 6,000 foot shoreline (over 1,800 meters) offers several beautiful bays and lots of scenic land, making it difficult to decide where to build your new home.


But this diversity also offers additional opportunities for generational provision, since the front part of the property can be divided into several large plots of land with a lot of private quarries – no wonder at 285,000 square meters.

For your basic needs you do not even have to go to Sydney, because in 15 minutes there is a supermarket and a petrol station or a post office.

The sports facilities are not limited to all water sports such as canoeing or kayaking, surfing, sailing, motor boating or fishing. Within a 40 minute drive there are three golf courses or for winter sports also a lift with several runs.

A refuge with all possibilities is waiting for you …


Entire property : 285.000  squaremeter with more than 1800 meter shore line

Part 1 with brook and lake shore

Approx. 105.000 square meter
with around 800 meter shore line

seller: Aylish Enterprises Ltd.

director: Cornelia Krause

Part 1 can also be purchased separately (possibly with a fee-based option on Part 2)

Part 2 with lake shore and natural harbour

Approx. 180.000 square meter
with 1000 meter lake shore

seller: Cornelia Krause in Trust for Christine Chisholm


Asking price


Part 1                69 Bitcoin

Part 1 + 2          109 Bitcoin

Due to Canadian Rules the final sales contract has to be nominated in Canadian Dollar.

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Private Bay Estates
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