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Nāmas is an oasis of creative energy tucked between Tulum’s bohemian downtown and its pristine Caribbean beaches, a place where you can completely immerse yourself in beauty and relaxation. Our 18 serviced condominiums are a sanctuary of restorative calm where a global tribe of conscious collaborators with a shared vision of excellence and community can find refuge from urban life. Comprehensive services and boutique amenities prove our guiding principle that comfort fuels creativity. Common spaces promote physical and spiritual well-being while our dedicated concierge attends to practical needs and connects residents with everything Tulum has to offer. Experience Nāmas in one of our premium condominiums between 440 – 2200 sqft. Nāmas is the ultimate home base—freeing you to explore life’s edges and connect deeply with Tulum—and a rewarding investment property with year-round serviced rentals.


Tulum is more than pristine beaches, vibrant jungles, and secluded cenotes; it’s the collective spirit of conscious livingand positive energy that make Tulum more than just a vacation destination.

We are building Nāmas for people who, like us, cannot get enough of this unique Tulum feeling. Every detail of Nāmas hasbeen painstakingly curated to arouse the spirit and catalyze living life to its fullest.

Noun, bow, obeisance, reverential salutation, adoration.

The architecture of Nāmas is an homage to the unbridled beauty of Tulum with residences designed to inspire recognition and gratitude for the generosity of nature. Share our vision for spiritual and financial wellness as we open the door to paradise with Nāmas.


Your apartment is a sanctuary of luxury and calm while community spaces invite you to connect with new experiences and chance encounters.

Village Area: The spacious entrance way and downstairs community space is both a casual meeting point for residents and a venue for art and culture events, attracting artists of both local and global significance. Amenities for work and play are accessible via a 24/7 concierge.

Vista Pool: The open design and almost mythological scale of Nāmas’ Vista Pool create a dual sensation of intimacy and immensity, making you feel at one with the surrounding jungle. The massive steps and spacious sun deck around the 3rd-floor pool create visual amplitude, concentrating the energy of the entire building.

Art & Exhibitions, Installations

French galerist and designer Emmanuel Picault came to Mexico in the late 90s after working in Paris and Los Angeles alongside prestigious designers including Louboutin, David Cruz (of Blackman Cruz), and Phillipe Stark. Design critics and mass market media have applauded Picault’s residential and commerciald designs for their stylistic mix of Modernism, “sensitive” Brutalism, and Mid-Century Modern. He is the owner and founder of the Chicby Accident gallery in Mexico City. Emmanuel will create 10 art andarchitectural installations at Nāmas.

The work of local artist Sabino Guisu offers a vision of transculturation andspiritual rupture that exists between the individual and their environment, achieving a deep personal reflection. The geometric patterns found in the ruinsof Mexican pyramids appear regularly in his work, and death and chance are themes to which he returns repeatedly

The Location

Swimming, sunning, and water sportsare reachable by bike (15 mins) or car(10 mins) from the newly built beach roadAvenida Kukulcan.Downtown restaurants, yoga studios, supermarkets and other amenities are onlya short walk away.Tulum is characterized by acceleratedgrowth from the waves of tourists that began visiting at the end of the last century.It is located in the region called “La Veleta,”where new housing developments beginto rise up among the jungle. A town proudof its strong cultural identity and naturallandscapes of dense jungles.

Downtown: 4-minute drive. Supermarket: 3-minute walk. Beaches: 10-minute drive. Best Tacos Tulum: 6-minute walk. Holistika: 9-minute walk. Bike rental: 5-minute walk.

Passive Income

Nāmas community members receive bysharing. Professional property managersensure that your apartment provides yourfinancial well-being with full-service management of rentals via platforms likeAirBnB, etc. High occupancy rates and best-in-classproperty care maintain the quality of yourinvestment. Everything is taken care ofincluding listings, cleanings, support forguests, key hand-offs, and even responding to online reviews. Tulum is one of the hottest and mostsought-after tourist destinations on theplanet. Your apartment pays for itself,amortizing after only a few years of rentals and increasing in value as the Riviera Maya’s reputation continues to grow.

100% ownership. You decide when youwant to rent or stay in yourself. CAP Rates between 9-12%. Check-out the ROI Calculations for each unit.

The Architects

Dramatic architecture and detailed interiors provide a home for art and events aswell as residents for whom living is its ownart form. Diagrama Arquitectos doesn‘t just createdesigns that go viral; they create spacesthat give residents a sense of belonging,using local materials and techniques inharmony with local conditions.


At Namas, we pay special attention to a sustainable concept. There is so much construction going on in Mexico, so it is especially important to conserve, protect and promote the unique nature, flora, fauna and wildlife. After all, this is the real sustainable reason why tourists want to spend their best time of the year on the Riviera Maya coast. The natural wonder of the cenotes, unique in the world, deserves special protection. This widely branched, largest cave system in the world has existed for thousands of years. Through underground channels these caves are connected with each other and with the sea. Therefore, it is extremely important not to release any unfiltered wastewater into this system. In addition to state-of-the-art filter systems from Europe, we at NAMAS also rely on green solar energy, local materials with which the Mayas already built. These are not only sufficiently available, but also the best that can be built in this place! The Chucum is one of the most beautiful and durable materials in construction. Instead of cheap stones and tiles from abroad, we use only the finest Chucum. Without worldwide transportation we save a lot of CO2. Natural materials, toxin-free and yet more durable than many other materials, are an absolute must for us. This makes the project more expensive overall, but the high quality standard is extremely important to us and distinguishes us from very many other projects on the ground, make yourself a picture! We focus on high returns through the highest quality construction and durable structures so that you can achieve the longest and highest returns with the least amount of repairs, while still protecting the environment and contributing to a healthy ecosystem and local economy for local residents.

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