Jungle property in Belize, Central America. Simply pay US$49000 or BTC equivalent at the time of transfer

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Lot for sale $49,000 - Lots
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For sale: Jungle property in Belize, Central America which is part of an eco-community, details at www.betterinbelize.com

Simply pay US$49000 or BTC equivalent at the time of transfer

Property No. 83 is a ridge view or mountain property with spectacular views of the Macal River as well as the biodiverse surrounding jungle. The property has a total area of 0.89 acres = 3600 square meters and there are two purchase options.

Nr. 1   lot only                                                                 Price: 43,000.- (Euro)

Nr. 2   lot with approved building plan                     Price: 65.000.- (Euro)

Also for the payment, there are two variants:

Nr. 1       in Bitcoin (preferred)

Nr. 2       in Euro or USD


As the owner, I have designed plans, carried out additional surveys, had structural inspections done on the site, and completed a 3D model of the house. The submission has been approved by HOA! This additional package can be bought along with all the research and surveys on the property for Euro 22,600.- (= variant Nr. 2) and the new owner could build immediately!

This little Belize eco-development features:

Enclosed in the link a few more details and as it is an eco-community is each landowner in terms of wastewater, electricity and fresh water own responsibility! There are 90% of all properties sold and there are currently about 30 completed and inhabited jungle houses.


  • An eco-community in the rainforest of Belize
  • A unique opportunity to invest and move to the Caribbean
  • 98 single-family homes from 0.28 to 1.67 hectares
  • 14 small residential properties from 0.45 to 1.78 acres
  • 3 commercial lots (e.g., restaurant, spa, conference centre)
  • Eco-construction guidelines and services
  • Easy reservation process
  • Notarised land register entry
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Submitted by Lofot

  • Mobile : +436644240462

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