Aspen Valley Feng Shui Palace

398 Mountain View Rd, Carbondale, CO 81623, USA
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RH-18300-property 4192 Sq Ft 4 Bedrooms 3.5 Bathrooms 2 Garages
  •  Designed to inspire and open one’s self-awareness with classic sacred geometry and the healing art of feng shui.  
  • My name is Darek Shapiro I’m a 65-year-old Architect. I was lucky, to be able to call on my whole life’s work experience to design and build this new home for my own family over the last 3 years.                             
  • A patented  exterior envelope I created and used for this home (see photos), is my new life work called
  • Marketing ExoThermo takes me to Denver’s metro area with my family. We must sell this home ASAP. 
  • Friends who stayed here describe its feel-good, healing ambiance, as a great gift to be in.
  •  note about financing this home: Why wait for Bitcoin to rise in price when you can double your Bitcoins value by buying this home for half the price it cost to build.
  • The $2.6 million I spent on construction, not including my 3 years building it, is nearly equal to the replacement cost. 
  • The 50% discounted selling price $1,494,000 is the same as local, comparable sized but cheaper to construct homes for sale. If lucky they might have one or two of the 20 special features that are in this home. Please see the summary of the features below.

1) Awaken to quiet-peace and step outside your bedroom onto a large roof deck as the rising sun begins to illuminate the majestic, jagged mountain peaks, you will see 4 shining ski resorts, and then the enticing, expanse of the entire Elk Mountain Range as it is revealed in 180-degree sweeping detail.

2)  It’s easy to feel empowered and care for your own work, health, and also the health of your planet, it’s easier with this homes, healthy LEED Silver Certification and light ecological footprint.   

3Living inside an architectural sculpture. Body awareness inside this home is heightened by its sensual shapes, rhythmic forms, textures, height variations and its carefully studied feng shui and sacred-geometric- architecture design. More simply experience security and delight, with form, light.

4) Sleep deeper with E.M.F-free electrical wiring around all the 4 bedrooms. 

5) Be energy-independent with the 4 kW PV (solar) system with its 8 battery backup and grid tie, plus a solar-thermal hot water system with a backup underground propane-tank-fired, water heater.

6) Breath more deeply, with fresh air supplied by a simple, geothermal-pre-tempered fresh air, energy-recovery-ventilator.  Mfg. by Zehnder, it supplies all 10 zones of the home. 

7) Keep your vision, with the all LED and custom cove lighting designs. Each room is switched so you can choose to light for various activities and moods. 

8) No danger from lightning, with a 14 point,  lightning-strike protection system on all 3 structures.

9) Use free water, from the underground 1200 gallon rainwater tank, or drink from a 600-gallon domestic water storage tank.

10) Set some fire-wood ablaze in the living-rooms authentic Kiva fireplace, and enjoy it with a with a drink from the mini-bar, while surrounded in the living rooms playful feel.

11) In the kitchen, everything you couldn’t hide before is now in easy-reach, dual, counter-top, lazy Susans.

12) Garnish with living herbs, that are growing in the  12 square ft window garden bed, right behind the sink.

13) Pick live vegetables or legal cannabis all year in the 395 sq.ft. passive solar-heated greenhouse or you can convert it into a studio, gym or additional dwelling unit. 

14) Save lives or nerves, with the 440 sq.ft., ground floor, windowed bedroom, bath and multi-purpose room.  Although no one has ever noticed, its all inside a concrete enveloped safe-room-shelter that has a military grade, filtered fresh air pump.  This pressurizes the shelter and the home, with clean fresh air keeping the home free of outside smoke, pollen or even radioactive dust.

15) The hardworking exterior! ExoThermo’s stunning, durable, exterior wall and roof panels cover thick, dense air and watertight, spray foam insulation behind them.  ExoThermo performs 50% better than other comparable energy code compliant houses with its R-30 to R-45 insulation values that also encloses the roofs,  walls, and soffits with very fire-resistant materials.

16). Take comfort that 4075 cubic feet of the concrete slabs and walls thermal-mass are inside the ExoThermo envelope. Concrete absorbs heat when a room gets too warm and gives off heat when a room gets too cool. Without any mechanical heating or cooling, this home’s temperature will not drop below 58 degrees in February, nor rise above 80 in August. Nor does the greenhouse drop below 47 degrees. These stable temperatures are more comfortable than a fluctuating one.

17) Reward yourself with an eco-safe lifestyle, not only from the energy savings but because of the 75% or more recycled materials, like the beautiful glass countertops, tile floors, walls and all the wood columns and beams as well. The butcher block kitchen island was eco-harvested and the floors are of the worlds #1 renewable resource: bamboo!

18) Fruit trees are growing, from cherries and berries to pears and apples, 12 in all. The two landscaped acres are fully drip irrigated with indigenous plants, flower beds, lawn, numerous stone paths and patios. Three entry bridges cross over the river rock moat on two sides of the home.

19) Swim away in the HOA’s large heated pool, or play in the hot pool. This and the new tennis court, basketball, and a children’s playground are only 350 yards away. 

20) Hungry? Great, as Whole Foods, City market, and 10 restaurants are a 3.5-mile drive into the valley. You may also catch dinner in one of the two local Gold Medal wild trout streams.

Please call me, Darek, on my cell phone (970) 989-3877 , or email me :        to get questions answered, visit, or to try this home out for a week yourselves.

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Aspen Valley Feng Shui Palace
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Submitted by Darek Shapiro

  • Mobile : (970) 989-3877

Professional: Architect, Building Biologist, Feng Shi Consultant & Home Builder. Personal: Age 65, single father, 2 young Children. Live and…
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