Tennis Court

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Chateau Arc en Barrois, 312

For sale/trade
$125,000 Euros or Bitcoin - Condominium

Beautiful unit in royal French chateau, one bedroom, one bath, mezzanine area; spacious unit overlooking the 12th century church on the main square of Arc…

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600 Sq Ft 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

Airport for Sale

For Sale Commercial
$10,700,000 OR BTC - commercial

Located in the heart of central Italy 20 minutes north of Milano this Airport is home to 3 aviation schools ( gliders, Ultra Light, private,…

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4000000 Sq Ft

Royal French Chateau

For sale/trade
$375,000 or BTC equivalent - Condominium

Located in the Champagne Ardenne region at the start of the Champagne Route. In beautiful park setting with adjacent golf course. Common property includes banquet…

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1000 Sq Ft 1 Bedroom 2 Bathrooms